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About Me


About Ken Yeung

Renowned marketer Seth Godin once wrote about creating something unique to help stand out against the ordinary – his “purple cow“. Ken is doing just that.

Over the years, this up & coming marketer has set his sights on working to produce quality solutions for his clients & companies to help them reach out to their customers and create a truly interactive environment. From working on website builds to email marketing campaigns to social media, Kenneth strives to find the best web solution for those he serves while ensuring that it achieves that status of being a “purple cow“.

From his unique perspective of having worked in both an interactive agency and a client/private sector environment, Kenneth has succeeded in broadening his understanding and remains dedicated to seeking out knowledge & insight into becoming a valued Subject Matter Expert. Having served previously as an account coordinator, business development manager, emarketing manager, and project manager, Kenneth understands the nature of web development projects and interactive marketing methodologies.

From his professional start in 2003, he has worked on numerous client campaigns, including travel/tourism, non-profit, education, government, financial institutions, real estate, and others. He currently is a Strategy and Research Content Lead at Orange Silicon Valley (a division of the Paris-based telecommunications firm). Previously, he’s been the Bay Area Reporter for The Next Web, covering Silicon Valley startups and companies.

Kenneth was recently a member of the University of Hawai’i Alumni Association and a past member of the American Marketing Association – Hawaii Chapter Board of Directors. An active blogger, Kenneth also posts interactive marketing insights on and was a contributing writer for Network Solution’s “Solutions Are Power” & “Unintentional Entrepreneur” blogs, along with tech blog and He has a Marketing degree from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa’s Shidler College of Business.

“Just what is” has become more of a personal brand to me. In the old days, people used to convey their message and communicate with others using letter and other traditional media. is focused on revolutionizing the way we converse with each other. We’re taking “the letter” to it’s next version.

It used to be about selling directly at the customers and marketers felt that it didn’t matter what the customer thought. is moving beyond that. It’s all about conversation, not selling. Merging communication and marketing shouldn’t be a new thing and we strive to help build a dialogue between your customers (not consumers or end users – not personal or genuine enough). examines all sorts of strategy on how you can better yourself and evolve your communication strategy across all areas of the web. Social media is not the only way where you can be transparent, authentic, or even have a conversation. Things that are covered include shaping your website design/development, learning more about how you can effectively use email marketing, understand a better way to reach your customers with online advertising, and much more.

Lately I have seen a proliferation of social media and less emphasis on web design of the late 1990s and early 2000s so I’ve added those to my list of things to examine and hopefully I’ll be able to make an impression on you and other readers on how you can take advantage of things like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blogs, and videos to increase your audience base while not neglecting the traditional online media (web design & application development) and the new age media (online advertising, email marketing, SEO, etc.).

Relationships / Disclosure:

  • All information and content listed on my blog are representative of my own – these are my own thoughts & opinions – and not any company or clients that I may have in the past, present or future.
  • I’ve previously written posts for Network Solutions and also for of which many of my photos from conferences and events appear on there.
  • I have been the official photographer for events, including DEMO 2009 (San Diego), TechCrunch’s Real-Time CrunchUp – Nov 2009 and for Twiistup 2009 (Los Angeles), the Agency Bootcamp on Social Media 2009 (San Francisco), Under The Radar 2008-2009 (San Francisco) and the PayPal X Innovate Conference 2009 (San Francisco).
  • I accept no advertising on my site. All banner-type graphics are all links to other sites which I appear and I have not been compensated as a result of my actions.
  • I have been sent several books to review – many of which have been the subject of my blog posts here on
  • I have been allowed complimentary access to multiple conferences in order to photograph and blog about the news taking place there. I have not been instructed on what to write or what photos to take or how to take them as a result of this treatment. These words are of my own volition.
  • I have been given a Nokia Booklet 3G netbook by Nokia to review during South by Southwest in 2010.
  • I have no investments or financial stake in any company or technology that I write about in any of my posts. While I have investments, I have no direct control over which stock is chosen.

Photo courtesy of @technotheory/Jared Goralnick