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Category: Industry Analysis

Making The Case For Why Inclusion Is Good For Design In Tech

There’s no shortage of criticism about technology’s impact in today’s society, but often the attention being paid is to the algorithms and capabilities — it’s the function, but not the form. But the programming isn’t solely to blame for the woes inflicted on us by technology, as part of our attention…

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Orange’s Startup Program Bucks Traditional Model, Targets Later-Stage Startups

I’ve covered my fair share of startup accelerators during my time at The Next Web and VentureBeat. For the most part, many of these programs operate with a similar game plan: Bring on a set of early-stage seed-round tech companies that may show promise; help “accelerate” them with office space, resources, and…

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Facebook Risks Biting The Hand That Feeds It

Earlier this week, Facebook announced a major change in how its more than 2 billion users will experience the social network. It’s around the News Feed, the most recognizable and important part of the service, and the update wasn’t just a minor tweak to its algorithm — it was something…

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The Humanity of Digital Transformation

For years, we’ve been hearing about how companies should learn to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape, with report after report espousing the benefits of digital transformation. But have we thought about the human side of innovation? Once a company has come to grips with its decision to find ways to combat the…

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