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In ‘Captivology’, Ben Parr Proves His Thesis Around Attention And Helps Us Understand The Factors That Drive It

We all seek to gain attention. Whether it be for ourselves or for a third-party company, brand, cause, or product, getting people to notice and shift their focus towards it is not exactly an exact science. As a reporter for The Next Web, I received numerous pitches from agencies and tech…


The ‘Mobile-First’ Yahoo: 575M Monthly Active Users and a New Suite of Dev Tools It Hopes You’ll Use

Yahoo has doubled down on its investment in the mobile space, with CEO Marissa Mayer clearly putting her proverbial stake in the ground and declaring that her company is a “mobile-first” one. At Yahoo’s inaugural mobile developer conference (formerly known as Flurry’s Source conference), it was made known that Flurry…

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Yahoo’s Next Step In Its Mobile Revival Involves Pitching It To Developers

We’re just hours from Yahoo’s first-ever mobile developer conference and people are wondering how the event will turn out. What exactly will CEO Marissa Mayer and her team of executives announce and how will it benefit not only developers but advertisers as well? There’s certainly no question that as Yahoo has made a…

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Scaling Self-Publishing Interests on Flipboard

Just shy of a year following my decision to no longer be a reporter for The Next Web, I’ve continued to be enthralled by the hustle and bustle in the tech industry, from funding announcements, product releases, acquisitions, and more. And my role at Orange Silicon Valley (see disclosure) requires that I…

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