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Get your apps going at WidgetDevCamp

WidgetDevCamp is a DevCamp-style event in Washington DC for anyone interested in Widget and modular app development.It will be a chance for discussion, learning and some collaborative widget hacking. Come and share information on the latest topics in widget development, and see …

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Bad Yaari: Social spam isn’t okay

So I get an e-mail today from one of my contacts in my GMail with the subject line: XXX sent you a friend request on Yaari… and so I decided to check it out. What’s Yaari you ask? Well I honestly don’t …

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Sustainability and Durability

So this past week I’ve been mulling around on Facebook and it got me thinking about the usability of social media. Is this interactive form of marketing applicable in ALL circumstances? I don’t think so. Taking my own work in tourism as …

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