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Amazingly WordPress is NOT perfect

WordPress recently released its latest version of its blogging software. I recently downloaded Version 2.5 and added it to both of my blogs: TheLetterTwo.com and CornerofWhatever.com. With previous iterations of WordPress (or WP for short), I’ve never had any problem “upgrading”. I …

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You know you want to blog, but with what?

Thanks to an indirect referral, I heard about Christina Warren who was lucky enough to attend SXSW (I wasn’t able to go so I’m jealous), but through a friend of a friend, I came across her Twitter name and found out she …

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Blogger vs. WordPress

As you may have noticed, I changed my blog a little bit…the only main difference is that I’ve transitioned my blog away from Blogger to WordPress. Why? Well there seems to be some more scalability and features that can be used on …

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