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In ‘Intercom on Marketing’, Prioritize The Why Over The How

I’ve always had an affinity for marketing — it’s what I graduated with a degree in from university. And no matter whether I was working within interactive agencies, corporations, or even as a reporter for The Next Web and VentureBeat, I remained interested in how to help better connect people with technology and…

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No bull-shitake. Guy Kawasaki’s “Reality Check” is telling you how it is.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to attend what was perhaps my first business trip for work. The keynote speaker turned out to be Guy Kawasaki. To be quite honest, I hadn’t heard about him before and after his speech at the TravelCom 2007 conference & expo…

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Tribes: Seth Godin won’t lead you to the promised land, but he’ll give you directions.

A few months ago I received Seth Godin’s new book “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us“, but only recently have I had a chance to read it. Having read his latest book, I must say that Seth has written another successful book.  What’s this book Tribes about anyways? Well basically…