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Tag: Brian Solis

Thank You

Quite frankly, I think the title says it all… I wanted to follow up on my last post about my new adventures with this update…a day later, I suddenly realized that I had left something really important out of my big announcement–the drive and the support that helped get me…

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End Business As Usual: It’s Not Enough To Have Customers. It’s Another To KNOW Them.

How do you view your customers? Do you go around and create print ads, schedule media buys, develop websites and hope people will buy your products? Are you going out of your way to figure out what the trends are and are you evolving with them? If not, then you’ve…

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Pivoting To Survive: Businesses Need To Learn To Shift Attention To Their Customers

The world of business has drastically changed with the introduction of technology. No longer are businesses in control of their message. We all know that. Control has gone out the window. Sure, we all know that technology like social media has given a voice to the customer, but simply being…

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