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Digital Spring: How ‘Unicorn’ Startups Are Forcing Companies To Adapt To The Evolving Digital Landscape

In the investment world, a company is given a valuation to help stakeholders and financiers determine its worth. Much has been made around this concept over the past year, including most notably with on-demand car service Uber, which raised $1.2 billion last week in a funding round that cast a…

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Thank You

Quite frankly, I think the title says it all… I wanted to follow up on my last post about my new adventures with this update…a day later, I suddenly realized that I had left something really important out of my big announcement–the drive and the support that helped get me…

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Discovering The Social Marketing Compass To Help Chart Our Course Through Social Media

We’ve all become exposed to a slew of social media tools and services that businesses might be interested in pursuing. But are we simply suffering from the dreaded shiny metal object theory? How can we validate our programs to our bosses instead of being viewed as our company taking advantage…


“Engage” Brings A Whole New Strategic Look On Social Media & Communication

Today I finished reading another book written by a serial author and social media influencer. The author is someone who is probably highly respected in the communication field and is also asked to speak on a variety of topics, including about how to become more human with your customers and…

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