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Starting A Whole New Era With A New Website

I must say that my latest endeavour to be created started after my last stint at employment. While it was unfortunate that I’m back on the market looking for work, I found yet another positive twist to my bittersweet freedom. I found …

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Setting The Stage For A Comeback With Stage Two Consulting.

I’ve been fortunate enough thus far to have networked with a lot of people. Whether that’s through attending numerous conferences, events, meetups, tweetups or through social media, I’ve amassed a pretty good network of friends and√ā¬†acquaintances. To be honest, I think that …

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Introducing the Mobile Me Lifestream.

I happened to be at an event on Friday in Palo Alto when I had an epiphany. Some of you have numerous accounts on social networks or related to other forms of web technology – I am no different. During this phase …

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