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LinkedIn Adds Support For Native Video Sharing, Shutters Record App

LinkedIn has become perhaps one of the last online services to add native video support to its app. The company revealed on Thursday that it’s now letting some users either upload or create videos directly through its flagship app, a feature that it claims has been in high demand. The…

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Why Obama Visiting LinkedIn To Have A Town Hall Made Sense To Talk About Jobs

Earlier today, President Barack Obama visited the Computer History Museum to talk about jobs and the state of the economy in the United States. Now, regardless of your political views, there’s no denying that we are in some tough times. And while this may seem like anything but a good…

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The two faces of Facebook

Being an interactive marketing evangelist, one of the big things that I’m having issues with resolving is how to use Facebook as a marketing tool for an individual. On a personal level, Facebook can be a typical social network site like Myspace or Friendster. However, for marketing professionals using Facebook,…