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Microsoft’s Push To Capitalize On LinkedIn’s Economic Graph

It’s commonplace to look at a company’s acquisition news and be puzzled by how the move fits in with the buyer’s vision. One need only looks at LinkedIn’s acquisition by Microsoft in 2016 as an example. In its largest deal to date, the Redmond, Wash.-based technology company spent more than…


It’s All About Timing

Recent events have motivated me to write this blog post. Often times I find myself thinking about topics to write about and then soon enough, a new event happens whether it be a marketing campaign, news, technology development, etc that just reinforces my topic. This post is no exception to…

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A major shift in the search engine monopoly appears to be brewing

Apparently as first reported on Robert Scoble’s blog and repeated on (run by Guy Kawasaki), it appears that Microsoft’s new “alternative” strategy in working with Yahoo will wind up greatly decreasing Yahoo’s status as a search engine powerhouse and help elevate Microsoft’s search status to rival that of Google.…

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