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Twilio’s Proxy API Lets Mobile Workers Safely Communicate With Customers

Twilio on Wednesday unveiled its latest API, one that allows developers to facilitate mobile-based conversations between customers and business employees. Called Twilio Proxy, this tool is part of the newly-formed Engagement Cloud, a suite of declarative APIs that provide multi-channel communications with customers. “The success of on-demand marketplaces has created…

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Twilio’s New SMS Verification SDK Uses Google To Verify Phone Numbers

Twilio has launched an SDK giving developers a new way to help their app users verify their identity. The cloud-based telecommunications company on Tuesday announced its Verification SDK which uses Google’s API to simplify SMS permissions when checking phone numbers. It’s only available for Android apps — Twilio shifted the…

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Twilio’s Foundation Adds Open Source ‘Rapid Response Kit’ To Help Teams Deploy Apps In A Crisis

It’s no surprise that technology has played an integral part in times of disaster, emergency, or crisis. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have all offered their support to assist people in affected parts of the world to ensure that they can communicate with their loved ones and to help…

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