Internet Explorer: The Next Generation…

It seems that Microsoft has come to its senses and started a new revolution with its recent release of Internet Explorer 7. With tab-like browsing similiar to Firefox, a brand new look for its browser, RSS Feed capability, and additional security, IE7 has everyone talking. Could it be one of the better versions that Microsoft has unveiled without much criticism?

According to an article on, it seems not…many are wondering that while this appears to be the first major release in the past few years , why has it taken so long for Microsoft to update its system and catch up with Firefox? It seems that the Internet Explorer product might have had a stranglehold on the Internet community in its heyday, but now, with more viruses penatrating Microsoft products, a lot of people are now switching to Firefox.

According to the NewsFactor Network, an article online said Mozilla Firefox is planning on releasing Firefox 2.0 to combat the latest attack by Microsoft. This also comes as Oprah intends on releasing a new browser for its users soon. With Internet Explorer taking in approximately 86% of the market, Firefox has also been gaining steam with 11%.

What’s interesting to note is that IE7 will most likely benefit those in the corporate environment while Firefox has a strong hold on those individuals not in business. Interesting niche markets have been formed thanks to the specialized benefits. Now, with IE7 catching up to Firefox and adapting its capabilities, it seems that Microsoft is ready to take back its place high on the browser pedestal…

By Ken Yeung

Ken Yeung is a journalist fascinated with the stories of the tech industry and internet culture. He's currently the Technology Editor at Flipboard, where he observes what's happening in the space while also identifying new topics of interest. In addition, he co-hosts the weekly internet show "The Created Economy," which focuses on what's happening to creators and influencers. Previously, he was a reporter for VentureBeat and The Next Web, covering tech startups, the industry's innovations and funding. Ken also has a newsletter you should also subscribe to called "Filed."