How do hotels get their business…why ONLINE, of course!

In a recent study, initially reported on, 68% of hotelier executives questioned indicated that they would shift their budgets from offline to online marketing in 2007. The article even includes a few charts that may be of some interest in that most companies believe that optimizing their website will produce the highest ROI — and it makes perfect sense!

And just where is the budget being allocated to? Well according to the chart provided by, it turns out that most of the budget is being utilized around online advertising specifically, but then again, for internationa properties, hoteliers are stressing more optimization for their websites. However, the industry trend gives a small edge to budgets being used to redesign property websites, but only .2%. Essentially, the industry is trending towards spending their budget on redesigning their site and optimizing it so that search engines will easily pick it up and get their properties noticed by their target market(s).

According to eMarketer senior analyst and travel specialist Jeffrey Grau, the motivation behind hotels’ focus on the fundamentals, saying that “to compete with online travel agencies, hotels are focusing on improving the usability and functionality of their Web sites.”

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By Ken Yeung

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