Microsoft’s Pre-emptive Strike

In perhaps a rather successful coup for Microsoft’s online advertising arm, they announced yesterday that they would be the primary online ad-serving resource with respect to their text ads on user-generated web content giant DIGG. To the common user, it may not be a real difference but this has helped Microsoft to unseat the SEM behemoth, Google, and take away a real treasure. Could this be something much bigger?

By Ken Yeung

Ken Yeung is a journalist fascinated with the stories of the tech industry and internet culture. He's currently the Technology Editor at Flipboard, where he observes what's happening in the space while also identifying new topics of interest. In addition, he co-hosts the weekly internet show "The Created Economy," which focuses on what's happening to creators and influencers. Previously, he was a reporter for VentureBeat and The Next Web, covering tech startups, the industry's innovations and funding. Ken also has a newsletter you should also subscribe to called "Filed."