Seesmic: The New YouTube?

Seesmic Screenshot

Thanks go out to my friend, Peter Corbett, of iStrategyLabs for twittering about this latest and greatest thing that should be all the rage in the near future. I haven’t personally tried it, but the concept seems to be a little more personal than that of YouTube and have a different course. This new social networking-blogging hybrid site is called Seesmic and has some definite applications for those who simply hate to type out their thoughts and would rather record themselves talking about what their latest and greatest thoughts are and share them with the rest of the world. Granted I haven’t been fortunate enough to run through it and take it out for a test spin since that’s more attributed to the lucky few, but it definitely looks promising.

If you’re still lucky enough, you can go to the Seesmic website and sign up to be a part of their alpha testing. Now I’m not sure how many people will be capable of lugging around a video camera and post to the Seesmic website, but I’m sure that low-resolution videos taken through iPhones or other mobile devices will help propel this site to the top of the social networking food chain. Billed as a “dashboard for your videos”, I think that it definitely adds some more personalization than that of YouTube. However, different audiences equals different needs. Vlogging is back, my friends…time to start filming your 15 minutes of fame.

TechCrunch covered the launch of this site in their October 8, 2007 posting. Read about it here.

By Ken Yeung

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