Is Lyro worth all the hype?

So earlier this week, I read about a new social network for business professionals similar to LinkedIn and so I thought that I’d be an “early” adopter and register and be a guinea pig for this new site. Here I am, thinking that it would be a profile page that you could network with and share all the wonderful “resume-esque” type material to other professionals with simliar interests, but to my surprise the site only allows you to create cards of your information.

Compared to LinkedIn which lets you share your information in a resume-style format, Lyro lets you create business cards, have a professional bio, and allow for a limited amount of messages to be transmitted. However, I think what may be a different twist is that Lyro allows you to upload files directly to the site and you could THEN leave a downloadable resume and portfolio for your connections to view.

Is Lyro worth all the hype? I’m not sure right now it is. But if you’re an early adopter (and I like to try and be one), then I would say sign up, but as with most start-ups, not all the features, bells and whistles, and the wonderful gizmos you think should be there WILL be there.