Seesmic your videos on your website

Did you know that Seesmic had jumped on the widget bandwagon? I found out through Loic’s YouTube video and of course I’d love to post more videos on Seesmic (it’s a more viral network than YouTube!), but while Seesmic is still a “private” network, let your videos propogate throughout the world by having people view your thoughts while reading your insights. Check it out and get your own Seesmic widget here.

By Ken Yeung

Ken Yeung is a journalist fascinated with the stories of the tech industry and internet culture. He's currently the Technology Editor at Flipboard, where he observes what's happening in the space while also identifying new topics of interest. In addition, he co-hosts the weekly internet show "The Created Economy," which focuses on what's happening to creators and influencers. Previously, he was a reporter for VentureBeat and The Next Web, covering tech startups, the industry's innovations and funding. Ken also has a newsletter you should also subscribe to called "Filed."