Viddler is the hero of the day

At yesterday’s Podcamp DC, one of the sponsors was Viddler. If you don’t know they are, then that’s alright because honestly I never paid them any mind either way. But that all changed after yesterday’s event. Viddler is basically like YouTube but what I’ve enjoyed about their service is that you’re not constrained to a specific file size or time length. I took a few videos and they all wound up being over 400 mb in size and way longer than 10 minutes. But unfortunately YouTube’s policy now is that they won’t accept anything larger than 100 mb or longer than 10 minutes. The only way to get files uploaded larger than 100 mb is through their Windows video uploader application that you’d have to download.

So this put me in an odd predicament. Do I go through all that work just to edit these videos so that I can post them onto YouTube? That would require some significant man-hours on my part and it would become a series of videos. I tried that route at first and then upon a recommendation by Peter Corbett, I signed onto Viddler and saw they had some amazing features. Sure, it’s similiar to YouTube, but you know what? I’m fine with just being able to post as many videos as I want with an unlimited file size and length. Obviously one downside is that the audience base for Viddler is not quite as large as YouTube, but it probably is growing.

But what’s remarkable about Viddler that separates it from YouTube? Well according to their website:

  • Able to share the videos on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, etc. – simliar to a widget.
  • Ability to tag a video at any point.
  • Email-sharing capability.
  • Capability to embed videos into your blogs.
  • Able to display videos at a larger size on screen.
  • Post your own videos online immediately and LIVE!

So be sure to sign up for Viddler online now and check it out. The audience is growing and it’s a good place to post those large videos from your trip, conferences/unconferences, seminars, etc.