Video from Podcamp DC: New media and the new journalism

Perhaps one of the most popular sessions that I saw at yesterday’s Podcamp DC, I felt that this session was quite entertaining and it seemed to me that everytime Jim Long speaks, there’s always a huge crowd following him (similiar to Twitter). For me, this was the first time that I actually got to see Jim in person and hear him speak and I was not disappointed.

The session that Jim spoke at was in collaboration with NPR’s own Andy Carvin who I also got to hear for the first time. This duo is quite knowledgeable and I enjoyed how they were discussing how the traditional way to broadcast and spread news is no longer entirely based on the old ways, but that they need to find a way to incorporate the new media applications like Twitter, Qik, Blogging, etc.

Twitter also seems to play a prominent role in how news is shared and that obviously shaped how this session was discussed. Check out the above video to see it all…