Believe Me…Agencies Get Interactive Marketing…I Think.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Ernie Mosteller on Tuesday as part of my on-going series “People Marketer’s Need to Know“. Working as the Interactive Creative Director at Brunner (formerly known as Blattner Brunner), Ernie has been exposed to a wide array of interactive marketing, from websites to videos, emails to mobile technology, and even social media. This alumni of the University of Georgia has won numerous awards and acclaim for his work and his insights and knowledge are widely respected. During our nearly an hour-long conversation, we spoke about creative strategy, social media, working with clients, and the ever-popular topic: do agencies get interactive marketing?

While I wanted to frame this from a perspective on what Ernie thought about this online medium, the goal was to keep it on the level of finding out what agencies think about the online world and how marketers could work with agencies to accomplish their interactive campaigns. From the onset of our discussion, he reminded me that interactive does not always mean that a campaign is 100% online. One of the coolest projects he mentioned to me was an educational program at Brunner where his team helped develop a offline, yet interactive curriculum creator for classrooms that students could interact via PDAs/Palms, but there was still a small online component.

Ernie Mosteller is also an author of a digital book entitled “Use a Stick” which he wrote as a means to helping advertisers and agencies figure out simple ways to solve many of the industry’s complicated problems. He will also be a contributing author to Age of Conversation 2 which will come out soon.

As stated earlier, one of the main things that was discussed was whether or not agencies understood what interactive marketing really is. More specifically, I asked Ernie about whether Social Media was a form of marketing that agencies understood. His answer: no and his response may surprise you and give you a better understanding on how you can view your social strategy.

It’s my hope that you’ll gain a better understanding of how agencies view the online world as a part of their offered services and give you some insight on working with your agency to help promote your brand/product more interactively. As an avid blogger (he has three different blogs he posts on: his own, on Brunner Digital’s, and on, Ernie’s perspective on moving from traditional to digital will truly astound you.

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By Ken Yeung

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