Over 20 startups later & so goes Startup Weekend San Francisco

Last night the San Francisco tech community gathered at the Microsoft offices to conclude the 55 hour marathon that has become known as Startup Weekend. It all started on Friday night and when it was all said and done, over 20 groups had created startups and present it to the group. The video above (and can be found here) is a recap of those presentations – lasting just slightly over 2 hrs 30 min.

After my first Startup Weekend, I had heard the pitches and was impressed that they were somewhat vetted by established venture capitalists and the awesome persistence and dedication these teams had towards their products. By the end of the night, the groups presented all sorts of ideas from finding the nearest establishment serving your favorite beer to managing your finances to setting up a new way to combat crime in neighborhoods.

Will these startups continue post-weekend? Who knows, but watch out as some of these may be at your next conference showroom or event demoing their product. You’ll just have to remember that it started right here at Startup Weekend in San Francisco.

For more of a recap on Startup Weekend San Francisco, check out my article on the Network Solutions “Solutions Are Power“ on Wednesday.

By Ken Yeung

Ken Yeung is a journalist fascinated with the tech industry and internet culture. He's currently Flipboard's Assistant Managing Editor, overseeing news curation in technology, science, gaming and health. In addition to his day job, Ken's the co-host of "The Created Economy" podcast, examining the Creator Economy. In a past life, he was a former reporter for VentureBeat and The Next Web, covering tech startups, the industry's innovations and funding.