“Bubbling” Over With Excitement. How I’m Writing The Next Chapter.

Over the past several days, a whole series of events took place that have really made me appreciate what I have here in San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to attend the technology conference known as Gnomedex in Seattle last weekend and then was lucky enough to celebrate the launch of Shel Israel’s latest book Twitterville during a industry “star-studded” gala at the Hiller Aviation Museum. And now, today I’ve been blessed to have another great opportunity presented to me that I’m simply not going to pass up.

Over three years, I started this blog post writing about my thoughts about marketing, the Internet and how they can mesh together to create something spectacular, awesome and even unique – a la Purple Cow. I’ve kept this opportunity close to my soul as I try and write about what I think marketers need to know. In trying to keep with the latest trends and creating a network, I’ve also been going out to events. A little bit at first, but that’s all changed here upon my arrival in San Francisco. Armed with a camera and a keen eye for seeing what’s going on in the “tech scene”, I’ve been around the neighborhood visiting friends and strangers and doing a lot of networking. And this is probably what led me to this new opportunity.

So I suppose, effective today, I have been “contracted” (for lack of better words) to be a contributing writer for Bub.blicio.us – the blog set up by public relations and social media thought leader Brian Solis to cover what was going on in the social landscape. My role will be to cover events that I’m typically going to and post reactions, thoughts and even photos and I’m happy to do so. Now I have a proper venue to air my thoughts and share a more casual view of my adventures in networking.

I will continue to be blogging here at TheLetterTwo.com and also providing West Coast coverage for my friends at Network Solutions, but the next chapter has been written and I’m definitely looking forward to sharing these events with you at Bub.blicio.us.

Read more about Bub.bilio.us here.

Big thanks go out to Brian Solis and the Bub.blicio.us team for having faith in my ability. They’re the rockstars here.