Starting A Whole New Era With A New Website

TheLetterTwo.comI must say that my latest endeavour to be created started after my last stint at employment. While it was unfortunate that I’m back on the market looking for work, I found yet another positive twist to my bittersweet freedom. I found inspiration to reinvent myself…albeit slightly. After having a pretty thorough talk with Jeremy Toeman (@jtoeman) several weeks ago, what he said reinforced what I had thought after losing my last job…that I needed to tell people what I’m doing and do a better job of helping them figure out what I’m going to do to help them. Whether that’s as a full-time employee or as a contractor, I don’t think that I’ve been doing a good job. In fact, the big sticking point is my website…there’s just no cohesion at all…nothing tying anything back together to show what I can do. In fact, everything looks a bit disheveled and that has to change.

And it has…right now. Starting today, I’ve launched a redesigned website devoted to separating things from one another. My last iteration was good functioning as a dashboard, but it lacked any mention of what I could do from a professional standing. I’m a working professional…I’m out to find me a job and help make your brand be better, but unfortunately my last website just didn’t do that. So in an effort to market myself better, my new website is devoted to doing just that…be my marketing billboard. You’re going to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s my sales brochure and I went out of my way to highlight several key things that you’ll notice on my site:

  • Three of my many strengths that I think will stand-out in the crowd: project management, social media strategy and blogging
  • Spotlight on some of my recent success stories and a self-created case study.
  • A clear description of what I can do to help you out, whether as an employee or contractor – this is where I’m going to tell my story about what you’re getting from me.
  • Testimonials – I’ve taken a recommendation from LinkedIn that I felt was all-encompassing├é┬áto offer additional proof of my value.
  • Easy ways for potential employers and businesses to contact me
  • Additional new pages of content designed to really give you details about me.

One of the things that I’ve discovered recently is that I can no longer combine my web marketing & project management experience with my photography hobby…they just don’t mix as much as I’d like them to, especially under one brand and site. So I’ve decided to remove them from my website entirely, but keep a prominent place for people to find where to see my photos. You’ll be seeing something soon for my photography. However, right now my website is my marketing tool. If you want to view my resume, learn more about my background with respect to project management, see a portfolio of clients/companies I’ve worked with, then look no further.

I think that I’ve kept the site pretty straight-forward and provides the necessary information for people interested in working with me. If you have any input or feedback on my site, I’d certainly welcome it. Please feel free to leave it in the comments section and I’ll look at it closely.

You can take a tour of my brand new website by going to