Introducing Filed

Filed is a technology newsletter produced by journalist Ken Yeung.

I’m a news junkie—I admit it—and spend countless hours at work, on my commute to and from, and even during my personal time scouring the internet looking for what’s going on in the world. Whether it’s tech-related, business, political, world, sports, or entertainment, I yearn to consume that knowledge. And I’m obsessed with sharing the… Continue reading Introducing Filed

Joining Team Flipboard

Flipboard's iOS app. Photo credit: Ken Yeung

I have a compulsion where I’d like to be one of the first to share the news with others, either as a writer or a curator. It’s what drew me to first blog here, for (thanks to Brian Solis), then professionally for The Next Web and VentureBeat, along with joining social media and using… Continue reading Joining Team Flipboard

Just Setting Up My New Website

Ken Yeung on Flipboard's Big Red Couch at SXSW

Having a website is a means of putting roots on the internet, like having an address where people can find more information about you — this isn’t anything new. Like many folks, I have had a site online for many years, with the most recent one in existence for eight years, but as my life… Continue reading Just Setting Up My New Website

So I’ve Joined A Startup

Earlier this month I announced my departure from VentureBeat, a job that afforded me the ability to cover many of the tech industry’s movers and shakers, along with up-and-comers. Since then, I’ve kept my next steps a secret, but not anymore. In a first for me, I’ve decided to join the startup scene: I’m now… Continue reading So I’ve Joined A Startup