Bookmarks for January 5th

These are my links for January 5th from 13:33 to 14:01: Seven Predictions for 2009 – eMarketer Despite Debate, Brands Find Value on Twitter – ClickZ 25 Signs You’ve Got a Strong SM Consultant or Agency » The Buzz Bin MarketingProfs Articles : This Email Doth Protest Too Much Disgruntled Facebook Employee? Probably Not.

Search for your political vote

Just read an article from Techmeme that was posted in the New York Times today about how politicians running for their party’s nomination are heading to Mountain View, California to reach out to the people of Google to spread their message about why they should vote for them in the presidential primary. The article talks… Continue reading Search for your political vote

Advertisers wanted for pay-per-BLOGGING?

What will the next entrepeneur “advertiser” think of next? Well wait no further as this past summer, someone came up with the ingenius idea of creating pay-per-blogging as the new wave of revenue generation. What is pay-per-blogging? According to an article published on, this new form of online advertising focuses more on content specific… Continue reading Advertisers wanted for pay-per-BLOGGING?