Should Agency’s Be Responsible for User-Generated Content?

In a recent conversation that I had with two different friends from two very different agencies, a topic about how they are responsible for being the “face” of their client on social networking sites and applications. I can see from a company size standpoint how agencies find the need for them to maintain the online… Continue reading Should Agency’s Be Responsible for User-Generated Content?

Bookmarks for January 5th

These are my links for January 5th from 13:33 to 14:01: Seven Predictions for 2009 – eMarketer Despite Debate, Brands Find Value on Twitter – ClickZ 25 Signs You’ve Got a Strong SM Consultant or Agency » The Buzz Bin MarketingProfs Articles : This Email Doth Protest Too Much Disgruntled Facebook Employee? Probably Not.

Demystifying the Interactive Agency

I was recently in the midst of a tremendous opportunity here at work – I was tasked with the redesign of our organization’s website and the whole process really opened my eyes to the wide spectrum of what an interactive agency really is. First of all, there is no such agency. In my mind, an… Continue reading Demystifying the Interactive Agency