Introducing Filed

Filed is a technology newsletter produced by journalist Ken Yeung.

I’m a news junkie—I admit it—and spend countless hours at work, on my commute to and from, and even during my personal time scouring the internet looking for what’s going on in the world. Whether it’s tech-related, business, political, world, sports, or entertainment, I yearn to consume that knowledge. And I’m obsessed with sharing the… Continue reading Introducing Filed

Just Setting Up My New Website

Ken Yeung on Flipboard's Big Red Couch at SXSW

Having a website is a means of putting roots on the internet, like having an address where people can find more information about you — this isn’t anything new. Like many folks, I have had a site online for many years, with the most recent one in existence for eight years, but as my life… Continue reading Just Setting Up My New Website

Some Personal News…

Fountain pen

Nearly two years ago, I joined VentureBeat to partake in an opportunity to write about interesting companies, and indeed I have. Working at this great publication has given me a chance to not only compete alongside the best, but cover fascinating tidbits of news and interview amazing folks, such as Vint Cerf, Y Combinator’s Sam… Continue reading Some Personal News…

Introspective: Three Years Later, Back On Steady Ground, And I’m Still Here

As I started to write more blog posts this month, I looked at my calendar and realized that it’s nearly three years since I’ve moved to San Francisco. So as a blogger may typically do, I decided to continue on with my introspective as I had done when I marked my 1 year anniversary and… Continue reading Introspective: Three Years Later, Back On Steady Ground, And I’m Still Here