A Twestival in San Francisco?

Last night at Paradise Lounge, in conjunction with dozens of other similar events happening throughout the world, the San Francisco Twitter community came together to support Charity: Water – a non-profit designed to help provide clean drinking water to the world. Just what was this event? Why it was a Twestival! Perhaps one of the… Continue reading A Twestival in San Francisco?

Everyone say hello to “Diggle”

Yes, I penned that myself. I figured that if people can come up with merged names like “Brangelina”, “TomKat”, “MicroHoo”, then why not “Diggle”? But what is “Diggle”? It’s actually a combination of Google and Digg… As reported on TechCrunch earlier today, there are reports that the search engine giant will purchase Digg, the brainchild… Continue reading Everyone say hello to “Diggle”