Everyone say hello to “Diggle”

Yes, I penned that myself. I figured that if people can come up with merged names like “Brangelina”, “TomKat”, “MicroHoo”, then why not “Diggle”? But what is “Diggle”? It’s actually a combination of Google and Digg… As reported on TechCrunch earlier today, there are reports that the search engine giant will purchase Digg, the brainchild… Continue reading Everyone say hello to “Diggle”

Yahoo’s not giving up without a fight

Surprise…surprise…Yahoo’s troubles aren’t over. Although not enough for Microsoft, they’ve rallied around Carl Icahn to lead the charge to acquire the number two search engine. But while this theoretically could create a powerful competitor to Google, Yahoo’s board of directors are claiming that they might be better off trying to survive on their own. So… Continue reading Yahoo’s not giving up without a fight

Break time at SocialDevCamp East

So I’ve spent nearly several hours here at SocialDevCamp East here at the University of Baltimore and I must say that I’m quite impressed with what’s been going on. Thank you to the organizers (David Troy, Ann Bernard, Keith Casey, and anyone else I forgot) for arranging really cool sessions. I think that I’ve got… Continue reading Break time at SocialDevCamp East