A marketer’s take on social networking’s mortality rate

In a recent post on the Social Times, Nick O’Neill, a social media newshound (and who seems to be right up there with Mashable, TechCrunch, and Read/Write/Web in reporting great bits of news), has written that social networking sites will be “dead in two years“. That’s an interesting observation, but I think it’s going to take… Continue reading A marketer’s take on social networking’s mortality rate

Abusing bloggers

I read a post on The Social Times written by Anthony LaFauce about how bloggers are being given a double standard and the ongoing debate about its legitimization. This brought back an interesting conversation that I had with my friend Juliana about how credible bloggers are. So let’s examine this for a second… In the… Continue reading Abusing bloggers

Twitter Advocacy

It’s kinda interesting talking about this as I’ve found myself over the past couple of weeks mentioning Twitter to several different audiences. One being to someone on the cusp of social media, a group of Generation Y students from college (who you would think are most prone to social tools), and to the public relations… Continue reading Twitter Advocacy