Everyone say hello to “Diggle”

Yes, I penned that myself. I figured that if people can come up with merged names like “Brangelina”, “TomKat”, “MicroHoo”, then why not “Diggle”? But what is “Diggle”? It’s actually a combination of Google and Digg… As reported on TechCrunch earlier today, there are reports that the search engine giant will purchase Digg, the brainchild… Continue reading Everyone say hello to “Diggle”

Putting it all into context

Albeit not totally a historical day, the World Wide Web has put forth two pretty significant announcements this morning. First was the news coming from Virginia-based company, AOL, and the story that they purchased Bebo for $850 million. That’s awfully nice of them and I think it’ll give AOL a good step into breaking into… Continue reading Putting it all into context

Seesmic: The New YouTube?

Thanks go out to my friend, Peter Corbett, of iStrategyLabs for twittering about this latest and greatest thing that should be all the rage in the near future. I haven’t personally tried it, but the concept seems to be a little more personal than that of YouTube and have a different course. This new social… Continue reading Seesmic: The New YouTube?