Tag: Website Redesign

Lessons learned from a website redesign

I’ve handled many website redesigns over the course of my career in the interactive and no matter whether you’re working on a small website, microsite, landing page, or mega-site employing the latest and greatest technology known to man for managing how to …

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Redesign? Are you sure you want to do that?

It’s funny how things happen that only reinforce my decision about what to write about. We’re undergoing a redesign of our website and the new one will be awesome and have all the basic glamorous features that most new websites have – …

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Web marketing for tourists 2.0

So I was asked one day to speak to a group of graduate students from George Washington University about how we at the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corp. (WCTC) use our website to reach out to potential/future visitors and also to …

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