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Skittles: Great attempt, but you fall short of appeal.

One of the big topics of discussion today is the new Skittles website. What’s so fascinating about it? Well, thanks to the work of an outstanding agency, the Skittles site is loosely integrated with social media applications like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. …

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Lessons learned from a website redesign

I’ve handled many website redesigns over the course of my career in the interactive and no matter whether you’re working on a small website, microsite, landing page, or mega-site employing the latest and greatest technology known to man for managing how to …

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How social can you be to influence someone?

So while I was on Twitter early this morning, I came across this post where Shiv Singh had written an article/paper on why people and companies should “Think Social Influence Marketing in 2008” and after reviewing it, it definitely makes a lot …

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