Got Whuffie? Then You’ve Got Social Cred

I probably didn’t need to buy this book. I’m serious. I probably didn’t. I’ve heard so many good things about Tara Hunt, the author of The Whuffie Factor, on her speaking and presentations and how awesome they are. So when I finally got a chance to hear her speak, it was about five of the… Continue reading Got Whuffie? Then You’ve Got Social Cred

#FollowFriday – Authors Who Rock!

This is a weekly series that I’m hoping to help add some more relevance to the #FollowFriday (what’s this?) Twitter activity that originally started through Lijit’s own Micah Baldwin to help connect Twitterers with one another. This week will focus on the authors who have written some of the best books that I’ve read recently and are on Twitter.… Continue reading #FollowFriday – Authors Who Rock!