Amazingly WordPress is NOT perfect

WordPress recently released its latest version of its blogging software. I recently downloaded Version 2.5 and added it to both of my blogs: and With previous iterations of WordPress (or WP for short), I’ve never had any problem “upgrading”. I simply downloaded the .zip file, unzip it and upload the files to my… Continue reading Amazingly WordPress is NOT perfect

You know you want to blog, but with what?

Thanks to an indirect referral, I heard about Christina Warren who was lucky enough to attend SXSW (I wasn’t able to go so I’m jealous), but through a friend of a friend, I came across her Twitter name and found out she has a website/blog…well several in fact. So I was scouring through her blog… Continue reading You know you want to blog, but with what?

Twitter Advocacy

It’s kinda interesting talking about this as I’ve found myself over the past couple of weeks mentioning Twitter to several different audiences. One being to someone on the cusp of social media, a group of Generation Y students from college (who you would think are most prone to social tools), and to the public relations… Continue reading Twitter Advocacy