My results of a social experiment

So as many (or at least some) of you know, I recently headed down to New Orleans for the Allstate BCS Sugar Bowl at the Superdome. Seeing that this was going to be perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I thought I’d share this moment with as many people as I could, but obviously within limits. So… Continue reading My results of a social experiment

Facebook your way to the polls

Yes, this election year is marked by heavy use of technology, more than the past few elections. Obviously, different types of social media have appeared and now many are being used for the benefit of electing people to power – most notably to the White House. Take for example tonight’s debate in New Hampshire on… Continue reading Facebook your way to the polls

Sustainability and Durability

So this past week I’ve been mulling around on Facebook and it got me thinking about the usability of social media. Is this interactive form of marketing applicable in ALL circumstances? I don’t think so. Taking my own work in tourism as an example, social media applications like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Dopplr, Seesmic,… Continue reading Sustainability and Durability